The one stop database for disease specific biomarkers

Examples of what you can ask the database

  1. List all biomarkers being used in clinical trials for specific drugs eg anti-EGFR drugs
  2. Identify all biomarkers that are predictive of drug resistance / response
  3. Pull out biomarkers with increased hazard ratio for overall survival in an indication
  4. List germline genetic variants that are linked with poor prognosis in an indication
  5. Compare unique and shared biomarkers across indications

Colorectal Cancer Insights

>3,000 Biomakers

Genetic variants, Gene expressions, Cellular, miRNA, LncRNA, Proteins, Biochemicals & Metabolites & Microbiome

3 Disease subtypes

Colon, Rectal & Rectosigmoid. Information on current lines of treatment

>250 Drugs

linked to Colorectal cancer through the biomarkers Indication pipeline


biomarkers measuring disease free survival


drug response markers


markers linked with immune cell infiltration


markers associated with tumor invasiveness


markers for metastasis


markers for overall survival